Creating, Editing and Deleting Events

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1. To create an event, you can click the BIG Red Create button on the right-hand side of the window, or from the calendar menu select Month; then, single click on any calendar day to add an event. o An Event/Task window opens; type an event or task.

o If you have created other calendars, then choose from the drop down list. o To save, click Create event. o For more editing options, click Edit event (or double click the event) and a new window opens. Here you can change the title of your event, date, time, send yourself a reminder, and more.

o If Repeat is checked, you have other options. Click Done when finished.

o Once you are finished editing your data, click SAVE at the top.

2. To delete an event, click once on the event. At the popup window, click the Delete link. The event will disappear from the calendar.

3. Click the UNDO LINK in the message that appears above the calendar grid confirming your most recent action (This message will only appear for a brief time or until you begin a new action in Calendar).

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